In the heart of a famous and prestigious region for wine production, Colli Orientali del Friuli, our factory shows a great experience and devotion to an elite of products grown in a characteristic ground with a great microclimate and a healthy and full bodied grape variety.
The vineyard sites in a marl soil at an altitude between 250 and 280 m A.M.S.L. And produces approximately 4500 plants per hectare aged between 20 and 40 years. The vine varieties with SO4 grafts are divided into two zones: Red Wines exposed to the south and the White Wines exposed to southwest.
Winemakers Giovanni and Alessandro Crosato are closely monitoring all steps of winemaking. The harvesting period begins mid-September until the end of October. A harvest follows closely with a manual method of pressing and squeezing to obtain a particular percentage of must called ìflower grape juiceî. The fermentation is continuously controlled and hold steady at 20 - 25 degrees for reds and 15 to 19 for whites.
It follows the maceration of red grapes for a period of 25 to 30 days.
The maturation phase sees the processing of two wine transfers and a careful filtration which then led the product in different types of containers: barrels, tanks of steel and terracotta jars. The refinement will take place in barrels for 12 months and in terracotta amphora for 3 years.
The company's products are the result of a great love for the nature and the wine making art it-self; in the case of the refinement in terracotta amphorae this art reaches a specific category and a wine-tasting of great value, unique in the world.